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Madagascar is a must-see place. This island in the sun lies off the tropical East Coast of Africa. Fourth in size in the world as far as islands go, Madagascar's incredible range of contrasts compare well with any continent! A time machine is no longer necessary - Madagascar can transport you back to a bygone era. Resort island beaches and quality Madagascar hotels beckon. For the more adventurous, there is lots to explore. Try hiking in the spectacular national parks, or diving on the coral reefs, or just take time out with the locals. Your eco-tourist dollars will help preserve this truly unique place on earth.

Madagascar is still known to many due only to the recent Pixar movies. While those animals never even made it to Madagascar, nor do most of those animals even exist in Madagascar, but there is a reason they chose to name the movie after this country. The name brings up images of strange and unfamiliar animals, exotic and distant lands, all with a touch of harshness to let us know that there are still a lot of unknown and unexplored parts in the country and many dramatic differences in terrain, lifestyle and culture.

Its diversity is endless, a stunning mix of people to meet and places and things to see and do. The Malagasy, of African-Asian origin and 18 ethnic groups, speak a language whose nearest relatives are in Borneo and Polynesia. Isolated for so long, the plants and animals have evolved into many unique, even bizarre species. Taking a tour in Madagascar through its varied landscape is rewarding, as it goes from lush tropical rainforests, to high, dry and cool, even cold, mountain plateaus. The culture reflects the combination of its indigenous African-Asian, French colonial, Christian, and Muslim influences.

Madagascar has gained international attention for its unique flora and fauna, interesting culture and friendly locals - be one of the first to see them all for yourself!

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